What are The Benefits of Wearing Silver?

What are The Benefits of Wearing Silver?


You will be so excited about to know there are a lot of benefits that come with wearing silver jewellery. Most of us are wearing silver jewellery because of the fashion trend or a culture. We have collected meaningful information for you and we hope that the knowledge will help you to know that why wearing silver jewellery is beneficial.


Background of silver and use for benefits

Since ancient times, human had been seeking to discover healing properties in minerals,gemstones, and metals. A simple Google search will turn up numberless results on the benefits of silver and other precious metals. Silver was once considered more precious than gold because the benefits of silver.

Human also discovered what have been known for thousands of years that silver is a powerful germ fighter. Because of the positively charged ions in silver. In the bacteria, negatively charged oxygen ions are present. Silver will fight against the negatively charged ions and will protect our body from the feeling of cold, flu and many other bacterial infections. Silver will disable the position of bacteria in the body and finally and kill the bacteria. As a result of this, medicinal silver compounded were then developed and silver become commonly used as a medicine. By 1940s, there were around four dozen different silver compounds on the market being used to treat every known infectious disease. These were available in oral, injection, ad topical forms.

Silver medicine lost its popularity

Because the health benefits of silver, it was once used extensively by all health care practitioners as anti-viral. No medicine was better than silver at that times. Nonetheless, silver was againsted by F.D.A. because as a natural substance, silver cannot be patented. After that, all about silver medicine was erased from the books.

The use of some silver preparations in conventional medicine survived. Silver has been added to bandages and disinfectant spray to use as an anti-bacterial agent. It is still used in hospital burn centers for its incredible ability to heal burns more rapidly than steroids. Today, some researchers believe that the potential of silver is just beginning to be discovered.

Emergence of 925 silver jewellery

Silver was found that is not enough only for medicine use. It can be fashion trend such as silver earrings, silver bracelet, silver ring and others. Silver can be fashion also continue its health benefits with silver jewellery. However, its high level of inherent softness, pure silver is actually too malleable to be used alone in jewellery making and it is easily dented or scratched when exposed to daily wear and tear. Instead, silver is typically mixed with other alloy metals to give it strength. Copper is the most commonly chosen companion; its durable resilience lends stability and longevity to sterling silver pieces.

Silver jewellery normally to be called as 925 silver. This is because 7.5% from copper and 92.5% is from silver. Also there are imprint of s925 on the silver jewellery pieces to proof that this is the real silver jewellery.

Benefits of wearing silver jewellery

benefit of wearing silver

Silver jewellery cannot avoid to talk about health benefits which have been used across cultures for centuries. Silver jewellery is the best worn when either the immune system is weak or when the body faces a particularly challenging environment.

Silver jewellery not only for fashion trend. Many women and men wearing silver jewelry such as silver bracelet or silver necklace is to prevent from infection, cold or flu, and many kinds of bacteria and viruses since silver has a long history in antibiotics and sterilization.It also purportedly to helps expand blood vessels elastic. This condition makes it possible for the quick formation of bones and healing of the various parts of body from wound to bruises, as well as skin maintenance and repair.

Silver bracelet and silver necklaces also play an important role to prevent us from electromagnetic radiations that are very harmful to the human body. It has a property to interact with the natural conductivity of the skin so that the skin will remain safe from electrical disturbance, expand circulation, maintain body temperature balance and enhance cleanliness and immunity specially for those who always use laptop and the electric devices.


A short warning – although silver has many proven (and unproven) health benefits, some people are allergic to silver. For these people, wearing silverware may have the opposite effect, causing skin irritation and discoloration. You may notice that the area in contact with the silverware has flaky, scaly or red skin. Some people even noticed that their skin is slightly discolored due to contact. If you are allergic to silver, you will want to look for the health benefits of jewelry from elsewhere.

In addition, silver is far less durable than other precious metals. It will soon lose its luster, which means you need to clean it regularly to keep it wearable and continue to reap the rewards of wearing this jewelry.

Do you wholeheartedly believe in all the benefits of silver reporting or just like the silver look, hope it can help and anxiety or another minor illness is small, undeniable, wearing silver jewelry, may cool your mind and improve you in a beautiful way The overall health.

Wear silver jewelry from head to toe so you can enjoy the benefits of wearing silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and more!